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ICS Partners is a relationship-oriented company. We value relationships with both client companies and candidates. We honor the trust and confidence that our clients place in us to manage their hiring needs. Our goal is to deliver the highest value to our clients, through the most professional search services available.


Because we leverage so much of our firm's credibility in the marketplace to represent the client company, we must believe strongly in a company and the search before we will accept a search assignment. 


We employ a national search process to produce the type of candidate that not only has the skill set and the experience that you desire, but also fits well within the company's culture.




Defining the Position

· Do a Needs Assessment with the client 
· Confirm process and responsibilities 
· Prepare/distribute Job Spec that will be used to qualify candidates
· Make necessary changes to the Job Spec
· Redistribute the final Job Spec for signature


Identifying and Recruiting the Candidates
· Perform in-depth industry research
· Review proprietary database
· Identify potential candidates and key industry sources
· Network with candidates and sources
· Recruit the best candidates available


Candidate Assessment

· Perform in-depth qualifying interviews
· Pre-close candidate on the position, company and location
· Prepare background summaries


Interviewing Candidates

· Submit candidates to hiring manager and human resources
· Facilitate the client interviews, participating as needed
· Obtain feedback from candidate
· Pre-close candidate for the position
· Obtain feedback from client on each candidate
· Offer feedback to both the client and candidate 
· Coordinate follow-up interviews with top candidate(s) 
· Conduct reference checks as appropriate
· Refine the search as needed
· Recruit additional candidates if needed


Negotiate and Accept Offer

· Discuss potential offers with client prior to formatting
· Review draft offer from client 
· Present firm offer to candidate 
· Negotiate offer/counteroffer if necessary
· Facilitate offer acceptance


Post Placement Follow Up

· After offer acceptance, assist with resignation
· Assist candidate and client with transition issues 
· Maintain on-going contact with the candidate and client to ensure smooth transition


For additional information regarding ICS Partners and how we can serve your needs, please contact us:

1500 N. Farview Drive

Payson, AZ 85541

tel: 928.468.0961

fax: 520.232.5493


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The Search Process

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